Nataka Writers' Resources: Publish Your Work With These Magazines Accepting Submissions Now

Updated: Mar 20

The following leading literary magazines are accepting submissions of poetry, fiction and non-fiction work from African authors which has not been previously published. Submit your short stories and poems, get a second opinion and let your work find an audience.

Most of these magazines pay between $25 and $250 for different pieces. Be sure to verify on each website's guidelines before submitting your work. Make sure you retain the publishing rights too in case you want to develop that short story into a longer piece down the line.

Every literary agent or publishing house will want to know where you have published before. It is definitely worth having a few literary works in these magazines, if they will have you and your surprising, fresh and gripping work. Good luck !

Isele Literary Magazine: submit here

At Isele Magizine, they look for new concepts and they "are fascinated with the concept of re-invention. For this quarterly issue, we seek submissions that re-tell folktales or reinvent conventional ideas in new and surprising ways."

Afreada Literary Magazine: submit here

Afreada want to give voice to new writers and a new generation of fiction. "From the sandy shores of Senegal, to the backstreets of Mozambique, if you write short fiction, we want to hear from you," goes the call to all writers out there.

Doek Literary Magazine: submit here

For those who live in Namibia, work in Namibia temporarily or are Namibian but living elsewhere, Doek is an excellent platform for your literary work. At Doek, they have very quickly become the standard bearers of literary magazine publishing.

Lolwe Literary Magazine: submit here

Read the past issues to appreciate the originality and boldness of pieces published by Lolwe. If you think you work fits no recognisable box and challenges readers, Lolwe could be the perfect platform to launch your publishing career as many have done before you.

Brittle Paper Literary Literary Magazine: submit

Brittle Paper are always happy to receive submissions and do not have deadlines. They do receive a very high number of submissions per month, so be kind to yourself with expectations although they promise to respond to every submission. Why not give it a go?

Carnelian Heart Publishing: submit here

Founded by the impressive author Sam Vazhure who has multiple published books and even more published on behalf of other independent writers under her imprint, Carnelian Heart Publishing, is bringing publishing to all who have been shut out before or those who could not access an agent, a publisher or a platform to ensure that once published, their book can thrive. Head to Carnelian to discuss how your book can find its wings !

Bakwa Books: submit here

For writing which grown into a full length book, Bakwa Books accepts submissions for complete works of fiction or non-fiction. "We are looking for literary and commercial fiction, and non-fiction, especially memoir, autobiography, biography, cookery and travel writing," they emphasize. There are many more agents and book publishers who would like to see your work but that will be for another post.

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