Nataka Writers' Resources: Publish Your Book Now - Follow These 7 Steps

Updated: Mar 20

1. Write a lot. Write very little. Make sure you write often, regularly and create a routine.

2. Forget word counts, pages and how far you have written. Write what is there that day and not a word more. Editing comes later.

3. Write in your own voice. If you use common phrases and idioms, include them without going overboard. The odd cliché is fine if you do not overuse them. Your own voice. You.

4. Read. Before writing, during or after. Reading has a habit of generating new ideas for your writing. So read and add those old and new ideas. More importantly, re-read.

5. For a successful book, every publisher wants you to have a "target" demographic. You do not need to state this. Be careful about the wording in the summary, the cover and the blurb. Read, draft, re-read, draft as many times as possible.

6. Publish independently, publish in a partnership or get a publishing deal. All three routes are available to you. Explore them all without wasting too much of your time.

7. Join a writing or reading community to share your work. Help others with their books and you might get some help with your book.

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