New Book Coming Soon: Busisekile Khumalo's Her Silent Screams

For a young immigrant child, where is home? Is it where your parents are from, or is it the place where you are growing up but not accepted by society?

Set in Hillbrow, a melting pot of cultures, life has not been kind to Fatima Farrah Omar, daughter of Nura a Somali refugee. She is intelligent, but does not fit in as the school's rugby hunk has fallen for her. She is also mute, which further alienates her from the "It" girls, and has strong Muslim faith. She falls for Banzi Luniko, the rugby captain.

As a Muslim, she knows what is expected of her, but these new feelings she is experiencing with Banzi make her economic with the truth with her mother.

Though the story is mainly set in Hillbrow, there are glimpses of Somalia (where Nura comes from) and Nigeria, where she fled with her rebel lover, met Amaka her Nigerian neighbour in Hillbrow. Thus, there is a spattering of Arabic, Igbo, Xhosa and Sotho phrases to lend authenticity.

THEMES Adolescence and how it affects parent-child relationship. Teen sexuality: when to have the talk and sexual responsibility, readiness and consent. Trauma, triggers and how to deal with it. Dissonance between religion/ culture and raging hormones of adolescence. Sexual abuse of domestic workers in particular illegal immigrants.

ISBN 978-0-6398324-4-9

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