Nataka Books Review: Vico

Updated: Jan 23

Some of the best books we have come across have one thing in common. They were written before 1800 AD. The laws of nature as observed by Giambattista Vico in the 15th century is one such work. He observed and formed a coherent framework for gathering information about various events and summarising them as an observable whole. Some call him the first to write on philosophy of history. We try at all times to avoid the label of "the first" in this space. Firstly, because we cannot back up that assertion. Secondly, because it has become a tainted term that even those who use it for marketing have not yet noticed the secondary meaning. We shall return to this piece but for now we leave you with one of Vico's timeless observation:

"When faced with the unknown, man reverts to the known." Need to look up the quote verbatim.

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