Nataka Books Reviews: Woman, Eat Me Whole by Ama Asantewa Diaka

Updated: Jan 23

Ama Asantewa Diaka presents a vivid, piercing and evocative and provocative exploration of 'the woman' in all its representations: dreams, body, being, purpose and desires. Diaka's possesses the probing skills and selects the right tone to approach the same subject from a variety of angles and observations, reliant on careful crafting of phrases to draw out meaning, lay a path and invite the reader to revel not only in the physical but the metaphorical imagination. Brutal confrontation does the job in some poems. The result is that meaning lingers long after one has read a poem in this stunning debut anthology. A book to keep forever and dip into in a variety of a moments and occasions. In times when patriarchy is rightly being challenged, the poems of Ama Asantewa would as well as, if not more than other media in raising awareness and driving this positive message intimately, convincingly and without force. Medaase Ama Asantewa.

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