Nataka Books Review: Looking Up by Abena Eyeson

Updated: Jan 23

Abena Eyeson has penned a gripping family drama with engaging and emotional plot lines that makes it impossible to put down this book. Remember the last time you read a book in a few sittings? Get ready when you pick up the story of Esi Asantewa in "Looking Up." What a brave girl Esi is ! I would be disappointed if I did not see this family drama in a cinema near me in future.

Esi is settled and enjoys school and home life with her maternal grandmother Nana and extended family in Accra. Esi's mother lives and works in London and the time has come for Esi to join her. Why now? What about what Esi wants? Before you can find out, the pace in the story picks up and marches into family topics everyone tries to avoid. Except this is Esi! The reader is invited to walk alongside Esi as she searches, confronts and deals with the truth.

From the moment Esi reluctantly boards the plane at Kotoka bound for Heathrow, the excitement build ups to when she arrives in her new home. Does Esi settle into her new school? Will Kojo's attitude and frozen heart thaw? What of the family secrets? Enter the paternal grandmother Asantewa. What follows are unexpected twists in this family drama as Esi uncovered more truths or more precisely, draws them out from her straight-talking grandmother, Asantewa. Esi is her namesake after all.

Abena Eyeson's writing draws in the reader with carefully placed reveals, challenges the reader's assumptions, whilst all the time offering warm, flowing and witty conversations. The characters are well rounded and rich that I could see them on screen. Abena is a truly engaging writer who could write about any subject and engage readers. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, especially the intergenerational interactions and how changes affect societies. I loved increasing my knowledge of the language of Twi from just akwaba to more words including medaase or phrases such as brebiara ye. Welcome, thank you and everything will be ok is now in your vocab. "Yes, life is looking up!" for Esi Asantewa. Get a copy to find out how the story of Esi ends in this drama that can be read by the young and adults alike. Medaase Abena for providing the Kindle Book.

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