Nataka Writers' Resources: The Book Review Process

Updated: Feb 21

Your stories are told, published and are widely available. Why is that you do not have access? Well, one reason could be that they do not receive the publicity of other stories. And whose job is that? Mine, yours and anyone else interested.

We have gathered a list of avid readers and book reviewers from the usual platforms which require no further publicity from us. We focus on book written by authors of African origin wherever they are in the world, except Mars.

Our aim is simple:

  1. Gather the names, handles and blogs of book reviewers

  2. Work together with publishers to review books before launch

  3. Each reviewer posts on their platforms (you still run your own affairs)

  4. The added value comes from collaboration and focused reviews for a week or two following the release of a new book

  5. That's it

  6. Oh, the book to be reviewed will be posted to you by the publisher or author after you contact us through the homepage

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