Nataka Children's Book Collection: 9 Picturebooks with Simple Stories

Updated: Mar 20

We are excited by the number and variety of children's books that have been published in the last few years. The year 2022 promises to be the best yet, if the book releases of the past of weeks are a guide.

Where do you begin choosing children's books given the large offering from both the traditional old media houses and independent authors who publish through smaller and relatively unknown imprints?

Here are nine stories to read for the young 'uns. They cover nothing more than a great story, are fun to read and always have a good lesson in the background without making it front and centre. Reading, fun and lots of laughs first !

'Anansi and the Golden Pot' is a re-imagining of the fairy tale of Anansi the spider. The youngest boy in the family, Kweku, is cheeky like the spider, and is nicknamed Anansi. Kweku makes a magical discovery but will he share his findings? Sharing is caring.

Nature Trail introduces exploration of surroundings. The book summary explains: All around us, from parks to gardens and flowerpots to pavements, there's a world of wonder just waiting to be discovered. Packed with animals and minibeasts galore, this imaginative rhyming text is perfect for reading aloud.

The Best Diwali Ever. Most books which try to introduce important cultural events stop at descriptions and can never move beyond that. This book celebrates Diwali through a story. A wonderful achievement made possible by focusing on storytelling. Makes you want to attend the next Diwali !

Fly Eagle Fly. An old South African fairy tale is wonderfully retold. After rescuing a young eagle and looking after it at home, a farmer becomes attached to the eagle. Will he keep it in his village? Does the eagle want to stay? A moving story with a caring village, stunning landscape and a thousand and one lessons to match.

My Two Grannies is a well put together story of a little girl with two grandmothers who both want to look after her when her parents go on holiday. How do they make it work? Find out from this simple city-based story where different cultures come together. Always more fun together.

The Queen on our Corner is about an old lady most people never notice except for a little girl. No one notices the queen until they need her. An easy to follow story loved by young readers which explains all the different people and movements in a busy city. Communities remain united.

Elmer is about an elephant who does not fit at first. Whilst other elephants appear grey and dull, Elmer is colourful and longs to have the same coat. But anyone who has seen elephants know they are one of the most caring and intelligent giants in the natural world. Storytelling is what happens in this engrossing tale. We are sure there is a lesson there somewhere. A triumph !

Nigel and the Moon is the most recent release in this list. The story demonstrates 'how pride in where we come from can bring a shining confidence.' Nigel uses the image of the moon to both project beliefs and ambitions and 'imagines himself as…an astronaut, a dancer, a superhero, too!' This book's publishing date is imminent.

The Invisible String has rightly captured readers young and old alike for it puts the little ones at ease when away from home while at school, sports activities and other events. Through a simple and clear idea, the string, various situations are replayed through a story for re-assurance. A clear idea executed brilliantly !

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