The Self and Meditation


Omuteizi Kwasi


The Self and Meditation



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The Self and Meditation

To sit in the stillness of morning
Bathe in the luminance of the sun
Listen to the euphony of birds
Breathe the easiness of the air
Relax in the attention of the now
Is this what it means to live
To seek pleasure from nothingness
Freed from the excitations of expectation
Here where the morning renews
Here where suffering is lost to choice
~ The Self and Meditation, Omuteizi Kwasi, 2021

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Nataka Books Full Review: 

The Self and Meditation

The book is divided into three parts. The first part is on Mindfulness Mediation and The Self which introduces the origins of man, the concepts and the various schools of thought around the origins of man. The second part is on the Practice of Mindful Meditation and introduces the path and stages of achieving fruitful meditation. The third and last part is on Reflections and the Catharsis of Poetry.

I must however note that this was the first book I’d actually read detailing the practice of mediation despite the open media backlash on the pros and cons of meditation. I’ll give my review from the perspective of a believer in Jesus and his teachings. It is however imperative that even as I do so, not to detach our worldviews and beliefs from other sects because there is an interconnectedness which all makes us human.

The first part of the book about mindfulness mediation and the self, introduces the reader to the origins and accentuates the need to ‘know thyself’ inorder to fully live. What sparked my interest the most in this section is the origin story by David Christian on the Big theory of everything, 2018 quoted in the book. He creates an analysis of the big bang theory on the origin of the universe and the approximate date the various thresholds he uses are estimated at, then he divides these thresholds by 1 billion to create a more recent date or timeframe of the creation.

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