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The Nataka Book Story

 African Wisdom and Stoicism by Mutwa

Nataka Books brings together a community of readers, reviewers and learners to share ideas through exchange, promotion and trading of books to make learning more engaging.

The central idea is the opposite to what is espoused elsewhere: it is not about the number of books read but the quality and variety of the chosen works.


A coincidence recurs frequently, quality books remain useful and project great ideas today as they did when they were published. They do so even as second hand books that are shared. We need not focus on new books !

Our focus is on books by authors of African heritage wherever they are globally. We read all books. We promote African books. Give books to others, exchange ideas and learn.

"There I shall sit before Ubabamkulu 

Who shall relate to me the tales of Yore. 

There I shall kneel before the old Gegulu 

And hear  the legends of Those-that-lived-Before."

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Online book discussions and book review events are posted on our social channels and with links for access emailed to subscribing users.

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